Sunday, April 13, 2014

Melting Out of the Tundra

        (Trusting How to Feel Again)

Fleeing from The Pain of Life
Bathed in The Beauty of Life -- 
-- Bound by how They swirl up together --

Lingering so to Understand how the Pain and the Beauty of Life
co-exist in my essence to create this Swelling of Emotion;
Tears, a Filling,
Love, A feeling
Of ever-connectedness
With humanity and Divine

It all Swells inside of Me;
Swells in Me,

Unbearably and Tender.
Unbearable and UnReachable,
Like the Climax she brings me to Slowly, Tenderly
Purposefully and Direct
Demanding I know Her Love inside of me
But Gentle ... Patient enough to Wait for my Ready;
Rising in Me a Release
Of All that I Love
Of All that I've Lost to Heaven and hell
Of All that I Hunger to Grasp.

Searching, Grasping, Longing, Yearning for the Pain and Beauty,
A Gentle Purposing of Love's Release

Since I first saw her Smile and then Saw her Eyes
I felt an Unstoppable Season of Hope
Budding the vines of Life
in my Heart that were buried in Snow.

I existed in a Tundra of Frozen emotions and breath
Bedfellowed by Pain, by Fear, Rejection

Freezing solid even the Life Force in me that Now, undoubtably,
Is Thawing and beginning, Again, to flow.

The gentle surprise of her Love, The warmth of Love in her Eyes,
Wells up in me in Tears of Joy and Fullness that I have never known ...

Springing me Again to that place of intense anticipation of Release,
Where once I Thwarted off in trepidation and Disbelief.
I warm to the Truth that it is Real, Lasting and infinitely a Freeing Bond of love and trust.

Again and again, My Mouth
My Hands
My Dark, Wet Lips --
 -- Ache for Her ...
My eyes are Cleansing the Door to my Soul
With Tears from Missing her body
wrapped in and around my own.


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Jensphinx said...

When I miss you deeply, I read this...