Saturday, August 6, 2011


I never knew how satisfied my Longing could be
With a Simple Touch of your Skin.

How once you Said, '... even This will be enough, at least for a while..."
When you took my hand -- a lifetime ago -- that chilly winter morning;

I, now, think, I understand. 

Funny; how I didn't really grasp what you meant, at least in a deep personal way. 
I understood the surface physical implications of your statement, but now ...

Now, I know, what an almost spiritual longing One can have for another.

For lack of a better word; 'Spiritual' best describes where inside of me I have experienced that Longing for you.

By describing it or Understanding myself in this way, I, in no means, Insult the Divine inside of Me. God, in His Invinite Wisdom and Love, gave us to one another to long for and pair. He, Himself, experienced loneliness and then created Us to be With Him. So I am thinking that to Long for One's Love in a deep Spiritual Way, is ... Natural ... God given ... 

(I pray I'm not too far off base ... But I {and it's important for you to know this} am approaching this space between us in a very Prayerful manner and Trust that God will let me know when I am 'off {such} base' ... so far, so good.)

Of course, I dream of other things, that perhaps will someday be right to occur inside of our Togetherness, but for Now ...

I am filled with Peaceful Joy and consider myself in a State of Grace to be given another opportunity to learn the Value of Touch in My Heart, with one such as kind and gentle, as You.

I wish I could express to you how;
marvelous was the feeling of your hand taking mine this more recent afternoon,

Or ...
 the miraculous stretching of moments -- Precious Time actually extending for me, you sleeping --  as I gazed lazily upon the skin of your shoulder, all speckled and milky, just inches from my eyes, my nose, my lips ...

knowing that simply brushing your skin with the skin of my fingers,

would be, and was




Cynthia said...

Gorgeously humble, spiritual and
human. Thank you.

JSB said...

Thank YOU ...